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Work at Home Employment Guide

MIN # M51315 / SRDS # 334924-000 / NEXTMARK # 85737

Key Segments


Monthly Opp Seekers (avg)



3 Month Opp Seekers (avg)


76,000 6 Month Opp Seekers (avg) +$5/M


 Total Opportunity Seekers



Audience Profile
These business entrepreneurs have purchased a publication on how to start, operate, and manage their own businesses. These opportunity seeking responders have a strong desire to be financially sound and have decided that starting and operating their own business is the best way for financial freedom. They are open to all kinds of opportunity offers and will purchase the necessary publications and information to thoroughly research their business opportunity options. They are perfect prospects for business supplies, business publications, and credit card rewards offers.

Recommended Usage: Business supply catalogs, business publications, credit card rewards, travel offers – international and domestic, apparel catalogs, furniture, insurance, golf getaways, electronics, music and book continuity clubs, fundraising appeals relating to health, political, humanitarian, children, and environmental concerns, hobbies, finance and investment, food catalogs, outdoor and recreational offers, magazine subscriptions.

Terms and Conditions
20% Commission to Brokers!
Sample Mail Piece Required. Payment due 30 days from mail date. Cancellations after merge or first mail date are due in full. Payment terms apply to first mail date in range. Net name arrangements negotiable based on volume. 20% commission on orders with net terms, pricing discounts, and on re-uses.

List Usage

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Direct Mail/Space Ads in National Pubs
Unit of Sale:




Age- Adult


Age - Child $10/M
Presence of Children $5/M



Credit Card


Ethnicity $5/M
Donor $5/M
Religion $5/M
Homeowner $5/M
Renter $5/M
Marital Status - Married $5/M
Marital Status - Single $5/M



Telephones @ $15/M



P/S Labels


Magnetic Tape/Cartridge






Key Contact:
Sherri Stevens
Phone: 727-669-2500 x 201
Fax: 727-475-5841

Order/Shipping Contact
Sherri Stevens
Phone: 727-669-2500 x 201
Fax: 727-475-5841

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