July, 2024
Physicians @ Home Address Who Contribute

SRDS # 773063-000 / MIN # M96418 / NEXTMARK # 110414

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Audience Profile
These generous donor physicians not only give of themselves, but also donate large amounts of money to a wide variety of appeals. Because you can reach them at home, the response is always higher than when mailed to their busy practice. Reach these affluent donors at home when they have more time to read and respond to your causes.

Recommended Usage: Humanitarian Fundraising Appeals, Democratic/Liberal Political Offers, Republican/Conservative Political Offers, Children’s Welfare, Environmental Fundraisers, Religious Causes, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, Health Fundraising Appeals, Subscriptions, Books & Continuity Clubs, Family-oriented Offers, and Public TV Fundraisers

Terms and Conditions
25% Commission to SRDS Brokers!
Sample Mail Piece Required. Payment due 30 days from mail date. Cancellations after merge or first mail date are due in full. Payment terms apply to first mail date in range. Net name arrangements negotiable based on volume. 20% commission on orders with net terms, pricing discounts, and on re-uses.

List Usage

Integrity. Experience. Reliability. Response.
Ph: 727-669-2500 Fx: 727-475-5841
Direct Mail/ Assoc. Membership
Unit of Sale: N/A
Minimum: 5,000
Updates: Quarterly

Age/Income $10/M
Ethnicity $10/M
Gender $5/M
Donation Amount $5/M
State/SCF/Zip $5/M
P/S Labels $7.50/M
Mag Tape $25/F
Cartridge $25/F
Diskette $35/F
e-mail $35/F

Key Contact:
Kendra Roberts
Phone: 727-669-2500
Fax: 727-475-5841

Order/Shipping Contact
Sherri Stevens
Phone: 727-669-2500 x 201
Fax: 727-475-5841