May, 2024
America's Ultra Rich

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These are the most well-to-do, affluent consumers in America. Their portfolios boast of expensive homes, jewelry, private airplanes, stocks, several vacation homes, art work, and designer everything! Whatever these ultra rich consumers want, they buy, so get your offers in front of these "must have" wealthy consumers.

Recommended Usage: Upscale Catalogs, Designer Apparel, Designer Accessories, Domestic and International Travel Getaways, Golf Resorts, Golf Accessories, Electronics, Music, Books, Credit Cards, Fundraising to Health, Humanitarian, Political, Children, Environmental, and Animal concerns, Children's Items, Sports, Finance and Investment, Home Decor, Food and Cuisine, Health and Nutritional Products, Outdoor and Recreational Offers.

Terms and Conditions
20% Commission to SRDS Brokers!
Sample Mail Piece Required. Payment due 30 days from mail date. Cancellations after merge or first mail date are due in full. Payment terms apply to first mail date in range. Net name arrangements negotiable based on volume. 20% commission on orders with net terms, pricing discounts, and on re-uses.

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Integrity. Experience. Reliability. Response.
Ph: 727-669-2500 Fx: 727-475-5841
Realty Data, Census Information, Directories, Mail Order Buyers, Lifestyle
Unit of Sale:
Minimum: 5,000
Updates: Quarterly


Aircraft Owners $15/M
Occupation $15/M
Marital Status- Married $10/M
Marital Status - Single $10/M





Presence of Children


Income $10/M
Net Worth $15/M
Religion $10/M



Ethnicity $10/M
Mail Order Buyers $15/M
State/SCF/Zip $5/M
MOB Type
Credit Card Transactions $20/M
Arts & Antiques $20/M
Investment $20/M
Fashion $20/M
Golf $20/M
Fitness $20/M
Culinary $20/M
Health $20/M
Sports $20/M
Travel $20/M



CD Rom








Key Contact:
Sherri Stevens
Phone: 727-669-2500 x 201
Fax: 727-475-5841

Order/Shipping Contact
Sherri Stevens
Phone: 727-669-2500 x 201
Fax: 727-475-5841